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Seeking impermanence in art, life, food, & design

Quarry & Reseed is an art and storytelling platform exploring the lifecycles of the things that make up our lifestyles, in search of more ethical and ecologically sustainable alternatives. 



I’m Catherine, an artist and writer with—as Edward Hoagland says above—an allegiance to what’s alive. I have a background in physiology, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture, an insatiable appetite for beautiful and clever design, and a serious problem with rabbit holes.

This is a space for me to share the always-fascinating, sometimes-horrifying things I find while deep in the rabbit hole researching sustainability topics pertaining to art, life, food, and design. It's also a space for me to share my experimentation with more environmentally sustainable methods in my own art and life, and a space for like-minded enviro-creatives to share and collaborate.

I hope that by working together, we can learn to quarry out the old unsustainable habits we move through perfunctorily, and reseed our lives with new, more intentional alternatives.


Why Impermanence? 

Today, good design must incorporate the concept of impermanence, and consider the full lifecycle of an object—where did the product come from, where will it go after it is used, and what indelible traces will it leave behind? 

We humans are 7.5 billion and counting, and would need 1.68 planets to absorb our current level of resource use and waste production; ‘good design’ can no longer consider only a product’s useful period. 

As a chalk artist, I’ve learned to embrace impermanence, to relish in the complicated feelings of dread and exhilaration that flicker through me before I run a damp cloth over the surface and gather up the dust I'd once organized into art. But it’s easy to prepare for ephemerality when the medium demands it; more difficult is to bring ephemerality into a medium that does not. 

Quarry & Reseed is a place to explore those questions, to experiment with alternatives, and to encourage other artists, designers, and consumers to do the same.