World Environment Day 2018

Baby_Sea_Turtle_World Environment_Day_2018@0,75x.jpg

In honor of World Environment Day today, which happens every year on June 5th and this year is focused on reducing our consumption of single-use plastics, here is a hopeful baby sea turtle in Baja, and a couple of my favorite podcasts on trash and recycling (yeah I realize that's a weird statement but trust me, they're great). 

99% Invisible's 213th episode, Separation Anxietylooks at how Taiwan has rapidly and completely turned around their waste management system simply by holding people accountable for the waste they create, and incentivizing composting and recycling over throwing things away. I love learning how other cultures solve complex problems! 

The Spectator Podcast's The Truth About Plastics episode from January 17, 2018 is great because it reminds me that nothing in this world is black and white, and if we're going to get anywhere as a species we need to make the effort to see the whole picture. As much as I hate the thought of plastics floating around our ocean where they vex unassuming wildlife, removing them entirely from our industrial systems would have substantial repercussions on global warming and on our global food supply. (p.s. it's only the first ~10 minutes of the podcast—after that they move on to another topic—so it's a quick listen!).


Both of these episodes leave my mind racing with possibilities, even if I don't always know how to take the first step. As artists and designers, we have a unique ability to find creative solutions to the challenges before us; we've already taught our eyes how to properly see, trained our imaginations how to solve complex problems, and ingrained in our fingers how to document, capture, craft, or build beautiful representations of that which captures our attention. If this particular challenge speaks to you, how will you utilize the tools you already have to contribute to the solution?